Client Testimonials

LDI brings more than 30 years of leadership development, executive coaching and business management experience to Leadership Development Institute. Their experience with both high level executives and high-powered teams uniquely positions LDI to be a leading executive leadership development firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Do we deliver on our promises? Take a look at what our clients say about us…

“Karen and Jeff have worked with our company for several years now to provide coaching to individuals and team building for groups. Both Karen and Jeff are excellent at figuring out what individuals or teams need to work on, identifying the best strategies for making improvements, and following through with the coaching or facilitation. They use various feedback and diagnostic tools to supplement individual or group coaching which helps to customize the process and make it more effective. I especially like their style of communicating, which is very candid but supportive, and our employees respond well to this also. I wasn’t sure initially how this would work, but we’ve also benefited from their approach of co-coaching and co-facilitating, since their skills and coaching styles are complimentary but also different. We’ve essentially had the benefit of two coaches for what we otherwise might have paid for just one. I highly recommend Karen and Jeff based on our work with them and would be happy to talk with anyone in more detail.”

Christine McKinley
Principal, Round One Resources

“I’ve worked with LDI quite a bit. We used them for individual development planning and coaching, organizational development, change management and strategic business consulting. My organization, my team and I all got tremendous benefit from our work with Jeff and Karen. They were able to identify issues and craft remedial plans with the best of them. Their experience with the human factors impacting organizations is a tremendous asset. Their ability to relate to executives and managers at all levels and coach to successful conclusions is a significant added-value to their clients.They helped me manage better, work through tough employee management challenges, difficult manager-manager issues and created a career plan for me that I’m still using years later.

I would not hesitate to engage LDI again!”

Marty Robins
Sr. Director, Executive Engagement – Microsoft Corporation

“Karen Cooley and Jeff Lugerner, of LDI, have provided applicable tools that have helped give me the time I needed to make better choices in the moment. Their genuine interest in my growth and unfailing support of my efforts created an atmosphere of trust that bolstered the courage I needed to risk trying methods outside of my comfort zone. Their open, non-judgmental approach made it easier for me to ask them for help. And when I needed it- they were there. LDI’s work has manifested in better decisions, increased group unity through more open problem solving sessions with my team and has helped me build a supportive network of internal customers. I cannot speak highly enough of their creativity, pragmatism and both their ability and commitment to truly partner with their clients.”

Barb Regan
Director, Manufacturing – Boston Scientific

“Jeff and Karen are very resourceful and effective at improving attitudes and styles of interactions in employees that are technically excellent, but lack some of the interpersonal skills required. This is an area where changes are hard to achieve, but their creative and persistent approach has been surprisingly successful. Their management coaching for new managers has also been very valuable.”

Mike Wulfsohn, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice President, Biometrics – Gilead Sciences

“Jeff Lugerner is a top-drawer professional. Over the last year Jeff has been my professional executive coach, helping me refine my management and communication skills. The training and insight I gained has expanded my leadership capabilities and influence beyond my expectations. Jeff has a keen intuitive sense about the intricate combinations of leadership and personal development with people skills and communication that is difficult to find today amidst the crazy, high-pressured, fast paced, ever-changing life we lead in Silicon Valley.”

Geoff Kerr
General Partner – Ark Venture Partners

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t reflect and draw on the management techniques that I studied with LDI. The greatest value of the LDI course is that it makes you confront and re-evaluate pre-conceived notions about yourself as a manager and mentor to others.

There is no “magic wand” that turns people into effective leaders — it is a process of listening, learning and self-discovery. Jeff and Karen have a knack for drilling into the heart of an issue and creating the opportunity for those “Ah ha!” moments where something intangible becomes clear and useable.

LDI has made me a better manager by helping me discover more about myself and my ideal “leadership brand,” which is the essential first step in managing others.”

Ben Farrell
Director – Horn Group, Inc.

“I worked through Jeff’s executive development program a couple of years ago and am very pleased with the results. To this day those skills help my effectiveness as a leader. He gave me insight, tools, and practices to help build effective teams and alliances throughout the organization. His services were also invaluable for developing effective professional team skills for my staff to effectively run our group.”

Mike Turnlund
Director, Engineering – Cisco Systems

“LDI has been a central part of Horn Group’s executive development program for several years. From group dynamics and motivational techniques to individual coaching on leadership and management, their training has contributed greatly to the success of our organization.”

Shannon Hall
Partner – Horn Group, Inc.

“The Professionals at LDI have become a very valuable partner with LuMend. Their knowledge of fast-paced, high technology companies coupled with their management expertise and common sense has proven to be a winning combination in helping us solve complex organizational issues and develop a more cohesive staff. I heartily recommend LDI.”

Connie Milburn
HR Consultant, Medical Devices.

“I have seen immediate, measurable and positive differences in the effectiveness of my team. LDI’s coaching is not only a strong benefit for myself and my team, it’s a competitive advantage in this job market. It’s an investment in the number one asset we all have — our people!”

Marge Breya
Chief Marketing Officer at Informatica

“Jeff and Karen have a no-nonsense way of working with senior executives to help them learn needed skills and smooth the rough edges that will keep them from advancing. Their combination of insight, technical knowledge of their field, obvious engagement with their clients, pragmatism and humor have proven effective even with those who doubted this type of coaching could be of any use to them. The ongoing focus on measuring change keeps executives and employers engaged and encouraged.”

Susan Moriconi
VP Human Resources – Boston Scientific Corporation

“Just a note to express how valuable Jeff Lugerner has been to the development of my career. I have made the difficult transition from Sales to VP of Sales and Jeff was instrumental in coaching me through the difficulties this change has brought about. I have been better prepared to meet the challenges that management has presented due in large part to the time I spend with Jeff. The LDI program is an integral part of my success.”

Stan Vuckovich
Vice President of Sales – kbm/WORKSPACE

“I was introduced to Karen in 2012 as I took on a management role within HP. Karen was a trusted partner every step of the way. She has the ability to focus on the current issues while balancing one’s professional and personal experiences.
Karen knows what to focus on and she is very skillful in her delivery. I believe her coaching has been of the most valuable experiences I have received in managing teams, working with executives and building a brand for yourself.”

Shanta Kohli
Director, Global Campaigns at Blue Coat Systems

“Karen is an intuitive, creative and trusted partner. She focuses not only at the issues at hand, but also takes into account all aspects of a person’s professional and personal experiences. Karen provides relevant perspective and is always good at questioning the status quo. Her clarity in coaching has been invaluable in my career.”

May Petry
Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications Executive at HP

“Karen has partnered with me numerous times and provided exceptional executive coaching to many of my employers and clients. She is intelligent, thoughtful, and highly focused. She has the ability to quickly understand issues and can determine practical, real-world solutions to complex problems. I would never hesitate to hire or recommend Karen to my colleagues. She is an extremely valued resource.”

Connie Milburn
Human Resources Consultant

“I worked with Jeff as the CEO of Barrx Medical. He worked with me to develop and implement management coaching for my senior management team as well as for me. He managed a 360 review process and then individual one on one coaching and feedback sessions for the management team. He was very trustworthy and developed respect with the team throughout the process despite the fact that most of the team members had experienced a process like this before.
I would recommend and endorse Jeff for senior management and team development.”

Greg Barrett

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