Solution Focused Team Coaching

There is nothing more challenging than getting an executive team to work together and invest in each other’s success. In some cases the team has great potential that has yet to be realized or was once a high performing team that has lost their mojo and they want to get it back.

We take a very customized approach when initially engaging with a leadership team, taking into account their history and current state. Our team coaching model consists of an assessment and contracting phase that identifies the issues that are impeding the team and need to be solved. The coaching phase is the bulk of our work with the team and generally consists of working with the whole team as well as subsets and in some cases individuals.

The objective is not to fix any one individual, but rather to help the team see themselves as a system that currently may be getting in their own way and how they can come together to ignite their potential.

This is challenging and yet very rewarding work for all parties. It takes a strong partnership between our firm and your team to make this work.

If you are curious or interested in this possibility let’s meet and discuss your challenges to see if we’re a good fit.

For more information on our one-on-one or individual executive coaching visit here.