Leading Culture Change Executive Coaching

One of the most daunting endeavors that an organization can take on is changing the company culture. “What is our Culture?” “Why do we need to change it?” “Will changing our culture really make a difference in the bottom line?” These are questions we get asked all the time and they are very legitimate queries.

Our culture change efforts are grounded in a proven model that allow organizations to align culture and leadership to accelerate the achievement of their goals. We benchmark your scores against a global database in four key areas: Mission, Consistency, Involvement and Adaptability (click on diagram above). Accurately diagnosing your organization’s areas of strengths and weaknesses is the initial step in the change process which directs the individual, team or organization towards the specific targets of action. The survey we use builds accountability into the change process by enabling individuals and organizations to track and monitor their progress towards desired improvement goals.

Let us help you take the mystery out of how culture impacts the bottom line and what you can choose to do about it. Our culture change inquiries tend to be prompted by increasing competition and reduced revenue, loss of market share, the acquisition or merger with another company, higher than average rates of turnover or simply a felt need to create a better place to work. Whatever your reason might be, feel free to reach out to us and let’s begin the discussion of how to impact your bottom line through your culture.