The Leadership Development Institute is an exceptional group of leadership coaches and consultants. Diverse by their backgrounds, some are psychologists, organizational development experts, others are seasoned Silicon Valley executives and all of them have been coaching leaders, executives and teams for over 10 years. From early stage start ups to Fortune 100 companies our customized, comprehensive solutions are drawn from 25 years of of being in business in Silicon Valley.

Our mind-set about coaches and how we utilize them in a coaching program sets us apart from other coaching firms. We believe that leaders and executives who are, or want to be on the fast track to their next promotion need exposure to coaches with different domain expertise. We frequently have a Lead Coach who will conduct 75% of the coaching program. We also leverage, what we call a Domain Coach, who brings into the process a particular and timely expertise that the executive needs. It could be in the area of enhancing executive presence, team assessment and development,  or a coach who has a background in organizational effectiveness that can provide strategic guidance during a reorganization, the many other options we can offer reflect the diversity of experience our team brings to the table for you and your organization.

Our clients include: SAP, Gilead Sciences, Synopsys, Simons Institute, Ciitizen, Jasper, Therapeutics, Boston Scientific, Microsoft, Funding Circle, Cisco, Atlassian, Conga, Proofpoint, etc.

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