Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership


Executive and Leadership Coaching for Women

LDI has experience working with women executives and other women in leadership roles. Our focus is in coaching female executives toward meeting their execution goals while providing world class leadership. We do this by focusing on articulating a clear vision, developing followership, gaining visibility, setting direction and tone in the organization, accelerating her development and creating a sustainable and repeatable process for success.

We deliver a structured and goal driven coaching program that assists women in developing leadership presence and bringing their strengths to the table. As a male-female coaching team, we bring a unique value-add and perspective to our clients. Our coaching program for women is based on 15 years of coaching high level female executives.

Our goal-driven Women in Leadership Coaching process has a history of delivering successful outcomes to female executives throughout Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area.

Check out our testimonials to see what female executives say about working with us.

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